Both homeowners and business owners are beginning to recognize the intrinsic value of curb appeal. Whether you are looking to sell a home or office building, or are simply wish to make a structure more inviting for visitors and potential customers, an attractive curbside appearance can pay off big, in very tangible ways.

Welcome Guest with Attractive Landscape Schemes

The landscaping experts at Budget Tree & Landscaping Company can help you welcome guests or beckon customers with services that range from simple yard cleanup to artistic and attractive landscape schemes. Basic landscape services include pruning and shaping of trees, mulch delivery (for playgrounds and flower beds, for example) and rentals such as chipper rental and tub grinder rental. Budget Tree & Landscaping Company can also handle the bigger projects that landowners cannot or prefer not to take on themselves. Land clearing and hazardous tree removal service - and other services that require expertise and specialized equipment - are our specialties. Why not put that knowledge and equipment to work for a safer, more beautiful landscape?

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Home and business owners can kill two birds with one stone by doubling up on landscaping services this spring. Do the environmentally responsible thing by using the waste created in spring yard cleanup on other home or office landscaping projects. Start with tree-trimming, tree removal and stump removal as needed. The materials gathered in this process can be converted for use as landscaping or playground mulch with a rented chipper at a minimal additional charge.
This service is actually less expensive than buying mulches at the local home improvement store. Take advantage of Budget Tree & Landscaping Company's trimming and mulching services and mulch delivery for both cost savings and for a better environment. By renting a chipper and using your own mulched materials, you put your own tree waste to use and avoid any additives you don't want.

Landscape Mulch Delivery

Let us help you with those large-scale landscaping projects. When there is a lot of ground to cover - literally - we can help with bulk mulch delivery. Businesses, public entities and homeowners with large areas to cover need a reliable, cost-effective source for materials.

Play Safe with Playground Mulch

Create a safe-haven for children at play with the right bedding mulches. We offer mulches that are ground and processes specifically for this purpose. In fact, for everything from landscaping mulches to kid-friendly playground mulch, we are the company to call upon. Our mulches are also processed to be friendly to the environment, and we have a range of choice for every landscaping purpose.

Do Your Homework

Yard cleanup can be difficult, but hiring a landscaper to do the bothersome work is often more complicated. Its certainly easy to pick up the phone and dial a landscape company from a phone book that you are not familiar with, but that is not the best choice. At Budget Tree & Landscaping Company we are concerned with little things like reputation, quality, safety and price. Take a few of the following matters into consideration when choosing a vendor for your next project:
  • Proper payment acceptance - be wary of vendors who request payment in advance
  • Insurance - reputable New York City landscaping company, Budget Tree & Landscaping Company is fully insured; ask for proof
  • Safe equipment - faulty chain saws, or the absence of proper equipment altogether, are huge red flags
  • Bad word of mouth/references - pay attention to what past customers are saying about the business
Also be wary of business owners who are unwilling to work with you to determine price. Certainly there are service that are more tricky to price due to the complicated nature of the work, but most reputable vendors will at least try to provide a ballpark figure. If the initial quote is unnaturally low - or is suddenly lowered far below competitors' prices - you may be in for sticker shock sometime down the line.
No matter what your yard cleanup, clearing or delivery need, know that Budget Tree & Landscaping Company is equipped to handle the job and provide a safety tree removal service.

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